last update 7 nov 2007
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busstop on the Wuzhou-Guilin route

the restaurant
The meal is in the ticketprice. It is always a surprise to me what is going to happen. Just a stop for the toilets, an included meal of do we have to pay and order ourselves. Luckely I have this talent that people always like to take care of me. So I don't worry.
At first, this was the only thing we got. Someone said in chinese (and I could understand) that it was not more that just hot water. Actually it tasted like a little spiced-up chicken soup. Nice and hot, but not enough to fill the hole in my stomach. I wondered if more food would come.
serving the food
Suddenly some girl came to fill the plates. Everyone was taking care that I would get my portion. See, no worries!
the meal
Rice (tasty!), cold vegetables (on the right), cooked vegetables with some pork (on the left) and an egg.
two loads of busses eating.
the kitchen
right side. The kitchen is behind the mainbuilding, a little lower.
the kitchen
the middle
the kitchen
left side
the kid
the diningroom was also used as bedroom.