last update 7 nov 2007
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At the border of the river

the restaurant
Along the riverside? Yes indeed, but you won't notice. The water is at the other side and only visable if you walk the avenue on the roofs of the restaurants and shops. Not many people seem to do this.
vegetables and mushrooms
This was a little salty, but several different mushrooms. Dishes as these are hard to get at home.
spiced ribs
After asking some people told me it was mutton or lamb, others said it was pork. It was definately quite spicy and very tasty. Good choice, and the restaurant had more of these sort of meat-bones, even very big ones...
cold dish
The restaurant had a menu with pictures. It looked so good on the picture, but it turned out to be cold (what I don't like so much) and the peanuts where soft, not burned, but cooked (what I don't like at all!). This is one of the few things I don't like to eat.
Note the paper in the clothpin on the topright at the picture. As usual the people working in the restaurant come to check what I ordered, but throwing this -with the clothpin- back on the table made the situation a little less confortable, even dangerous. At one point I wondered if I would throw it to hit back on the staff...