last update 7 nov 2007
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Shopping Mall Dinner

the restaurant
On the sixth floor of a shopping mall, thanks to Lonely Planet. It is a strange place with lots of choices. I choose the chinese section (to the surprise of the waitresses). The hostess on the right of the picture (Yang Si Ya) was the only one speaking a little english and took the tast of taking care of me (and asking me out for a drink afterward, what was nice too).
Not sure what it was.
the tea
I was also not quite sure what sort of tea it was. I had just pointed one of the choices on the menu. At first it was not bad, but it became sweeter and sweeter, and I don't like my tea to be sweet.
the duck
With a nice and crispy skin.
Nicely spiced and to be eaten with the fingers.
the vegetable
Without some green stuff a meal is never complete...