last update 7 nov 2007
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Dim Sum in Luo Wu Commercial City

the building
A restaurant in the Luo Wu Commercial City, just at the border with Hong Kong.
the restaurant
Walking in the Mall a girl suggest me to eat here. It is not far, on the 4th floor (she is standing next to the elevator). Going up is easy, next we walk some time until we reach the far corner of the building and see the entrance of the restaurant!
With the tea these beans are put on the table. You only eat the beans inside.
spring roll
steamed I think
spring roll
porkribs with garlic
In the netherlands this is one of my favourites (510 in Cheung Wing, the Hague). Here it is even better! Very soft meat, some bones, with a strong touch of garlic!
Everytime the waitress brings a dish, she will stamp with her number on the orderform.
sieuw mai
The most common Dim Sum, nice compact and with a good taste.
The orderform (filled in with some help!) has been stamped for every dish, so I am finished.