last update 7 nov 2007
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Two meals with fish

the restaurant
At the border of the river there are several nice fish-restaurants.
catched fish I
After being seated, you get tea and a paper to order with. You go outside again and point the fish you like and explain the way you want it prepared. Being a foreigner, this brings a lot of people around me, all trying to be helpfull, but mainly just curious. It is fun.
And here you point the vegetables you like to eat.
the setup
This is the setup of the table. With very hard peanuts and big pieces of garlic.
The orderform
Off course wants everyone working in the restaurant to know what I am going to have, so everyone passing my table picks up the paper, studies it and puts it back. And I hope the smiles that they give me are from their satisfaction about the choices I made...
Eggplant is one of my favourite vegetables, one of the first I know the name of in chinese. This was really a nice prepared dish!
prepared fish I
A nice white fish, arranged (and cut) so I don't have to turn it over the eat the bottomhalf (what would bring bad luck). It is surprisingly easy to eat with chopsticks and there are not a lot of fishbones to bother about.
catched fish II
Next day I eat here again, to everyone's surprise and joy! This time I take a zebra-fish.
catched shrimps
Big shrimps, only a few (as I eat my meal alone). How to prepare gives some trouble, but at the end everyone seams happy after my ordering. I am curious what I will get...
With a lot of garlic, offcourse!
prepared fish II
The tast not much different than the day before.
prepared shrimps
They where cut in half but not out of their shells. Food to be eaten with bare hands, I deceided. Within a minute I received a bowl with water to clean my fingers after the dish. Fantastic taste...
mellon as desert
After dinner a slice of mellon is put on the table.