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I was born in 1962 in the Netherlands, and now I live in Leiden, a small, university city. I work at the university as an ICT-consultant.

I try to visit China at least every year now since 2000. (You can find some pictures of trips here.) Some of my holidays were with a small group, but most of my trips I made alone.
Now (nov 2009) I have visited China 13 times; I was for about 46 weeks in China, but I still don't speak a lot of chinese. Of course I would love to learn this language; I just had my first courses here in the Netherlands. At the other hand, it was never a big problem traveling through China without knowledge of mandarin.

Many people have helped me traveling around in China. Very gratefull I am to Rene Wiermans, the dutch tourleader that introduced me to China. He guided my group tours and we met several other times in China during my private tours. He stimulated my enthousiasm for the chinese food and we had many good meals (and drinks) together.

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