last update 10 november 2005
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My dinner restaurant - november 2005

The restaurant
This restaurant is located under the Zhong Shan hotel.
Mainly paksoi and some diferent mushrooms.
Chicken soup
Filled with half a chicken and some bamboo.
Shrimp balls
In this restaurant the staff was active in suggesting me what to choose, in a nice and helpfull way that is not common in China. These balls are filled with some sort of Shrimp-salad, they are big as goose-eggs. Taste is excelent!
Also in this place the staff came to explain me how to eat the meal.
Baked duck
[Next day I have dinner here again:] My neighbours had this one (it was not on my menu).
Potato rolls
These rolls where filled with some sweet-potato paste. Nice and filling.
Soup with binded goose-pawns
When I ordered it, I was not aware of the fact it was a soup.
A goose-pawn out of my soup
One of the girls explained me (without words) that I had to grap the right side with my fingers and eat the the rest. This is always a little disapointing, as the rest is so little, mainly the fleece between the nails, and -to my opinion- does not have lots of taste.