last update 10 november 2005
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A restaurant on Gu Hill in West Lake - november 2005

The restaurant
This restaurant is located on the island Gu Shan (Gu Hill) in the Xi Hu (West Lake) that is connected with the two bridges to the shore.
Long Jing Tea
The famous Dragon Well Tea. This was half the costs of my meal.
Small salad
Melon and sugarcane. Just to welcome you.
The meal
Pork cooking in the middle, chilli right top corner, [now going clockwise:] soup, rice, pickels.
Fruit salad
A little disapointing: mainly watermellon, some slices of apple.
It was really nice, sitting outside at the waterfront. Must be really nice when the lotus gives flowers.?
The local beer
My second visit to this place.
"Beef in brown souce" the menu told me. And that is true.