last update 10 november 2005
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Rosemary Cafe - october 2005

This is still one of the best places for coffee and chocolate cake in China.
It is a quiet place, now the street is turned into pedestrian-only. It is a place for foreigners, some western food is available, the staff speaks good english.
Chocolate cake and cappucino
At last, I manage to make a picture of this famous chocolate cake. It is somewhere burried under the chocolate sauce. Actually, it is the second in a row that I ordered, the first was vanished again before I could make any picture. The cake is warm, very strong chocolate taste. Most chinese people don't like it, but I come back for it.
And the cappucino? It is a normal one (not venetian-style with cream and cinnemon, but with milk and cacao), but the heart on it made me blush...