last update 30 may 2005
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Datong Jiujia - april 2005

This is for years one of my favourite restaurants in Guangzhou.
My first visit was in 2002, since then I visited the place every year.
There are I think seven floors, and I never know on what floor I will end up. The girls downstairs push the button in the elevater.
There is no english menu and hardly any english speaking staff. This time they had a special menu with some pictures.
The dim-sum are specially recommended! (not in the evening)
Cantoneese Goose
Dragon Bones Tea
When you order a special tea, a member of the staff will take care of it. Water will be cooked on your table, tea is made and the small pot and your tiny cup will be filled with this tea.
Fish and Shrimps with Peanuts
At first glance everyone, the chinese too, think this is the classic pork with peanuts dish. But surprisingly it looks almost the same, but is quite different.
Fishsoup with some vegetables
The little side dish is to spice-up your soup.