last update 9 june 2008
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Luxurious restaurant

the restaurant
Our last days in Chengdu. We end up here and the first evening we have an amazing good meal. Ok, we paid three to four times more than we used to, but for western people it was still quite cheap. We were really impressed and went there the next evening too. Pity, but after that, we had to fly home and now I have to wait until my next visit to Chengdu. There are still so much more nice dishes on the menu!
the carpark
They not only park your car, but take care of it during your meal too. (We came by foot.)
cold dish
Quite spicy, but somehow it did not push away the tast of the meat.

mushrooms in some sort of thick chickensoup. Very tasty!
After asking for the bill, you get the fruit desert. Paying the bill is coming later.
change and enveloppe
with the change, they bring us a little enveloppe printed in the housstyle of the restaurant
the receipt
in the enveloppe we find the receipt.
eggs and green vegetables
at the left eggs: a combination of 3 different kinds. Quite salty and so so. On the right green vegetables with sesame-sauce. This was fabulous!

The meat was very soft and tasty!