last update 14 november 2005
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The Fire Palace Restaurant - october 2005

The restaurant
This is the oldest and most famous restaurant in the city. Here, two hunderd years ago, Changsha people liked to sit and watch the local show/local opera, eat the food or snacks, drink tea, and talk.
Local Spicy Snacks
Cold dish. Left one is coriander, just need put in the hot water for a few minutes, then add condiments, then just eat. Right one is spicy pig's stomach. (It's is said to be good to woman's health.)
Stinky Tofu
It's most famous snack from Changsha in the world. It's Stinky Tofu, smell bad, but taste good. Stinky Tofu represents Changsha's Food Culture. Stinky in Chinese is Chou, so this one is called Chou Dou Fu.
Pork Ham
Quite salty.
Steam Meat Powder (left) and sweets (right)
The left (pork) is some sort of minced meat, the sweats are really sweet.
More sweets
The one at the right make your teeth to melt together. It made by Red Sugar. Put oil in a big wok, then add lots of Red Sugar to make it. That's why it's so sweet.