last update 14 november 2005
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Han Kejia - november 2005

The restaurant
Han Kejia at the south-east corner of the Qian Hai, just north of Bei Hai Park north entrance. It has a Hakka-minority kitchen. It is quite popular, normally you have to wait some time to get a table.
Being on my own I could go past the queue. My table was not really good, just in a corner and also used to store some of the cups and dishes for the others. I did not mind. The atmosphere was nice, the restaurant had some high rooms of concrete and wood, quite simple. The food is amazing. There is an english menu with pictures.
I payed 80 yuan, including some beer.
Beans and pickels
These are cold dishes.
Mushroom vegetables
Many types of mushrooms, just some vegetables (paksoi, carrot)