last update 30 may 2005
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Yuxin Sichuan Dish - april 2005

sweet beef ribs and Chengdu pickles
The beef was a little spicy, the pickles just sour.
Rabbit and (top right) jelly with sesame
Two great dishes. Spicy rabbit, fantastic jelly!
Paksoi with fermentated beansauce
Very impressive dish.
Chengdu Noodles
These you always are supposed to finish. But it was all so much. I hided behind my non-chinese descend to skip this rule once. I had some chinese company, who picked the restaurant and the two of us ordered together (that is not the chinese way!). The meal was great.
Going there means waiting some time before you get some empty seats, but it is organised very efficiently.
Take care, the restaurant has two branches in the building. In my case it went wrong, both ending up at the different place...